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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Forgiveness: Pain or Relief?

Lately, I have been going through some major obstacles in life. Dealing with people is getting more complicated, even trying to reason with people is becoming quite stressful.

Sometimes, you sit and contemplate about life and you recall the good and bad things that happened to you. People find it easy to recall the bad things, and others find it easy to recall the good things. For me, I like to recall both. It is the good times that makes me smile. And it is the bad times that helps me make a better future.

Recalling the bad things that have been done to you people though, could be dangerous. It sometimes sparks something within you that somehow changes you. Depending on the situation, you might not forgive the person. At this point, stop and ask yourself this: How many people have hurt, harmed, and betrayed me? In my opinion, depending how long it takes you answer that question, somewhat, gives you an indication of how much of a forgiving person you truly are.

I find it normal to feel pain when you recall these bad things that happened to you. It makes a person question judgment, decisions made, etc. at a time where you shouldn't question but learn from it.

How to proceed? Recalling past bad things is painful. Sometimes it is so painful to an extent that it is hard to forgive and forget. But, not forgiving could cause more pain when you keep on recalling it. The more you bury it in, the more pain it causes.

My 2 cents, forgive. Let it go. Don't hold it in. Once you forgive the more receptive you will be to learn from the situation and move on with life. You will be a better person.