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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Road Trip

Last Wednesday, I met up with a friend and we decided to go to Khobar (district I previously lived in) by his car. The trip is 450+ KM's between Riyadh and Khobar and the entire trip takes 4 hours. Naturally, when a trip is that long you need some sort of entertainment for time to pass by. So, I took with me 3 laptops and the entire time I was playing music. I think what made the trip interesting was the spontaneous decision my friend and I took to go to Bahrain. It's around mins driving from Khobar to Bahrain.
We arrived in Bahrain at around 10:15 pm and we decided to watch "V for Vendetta". I called up one of my friends in Bahrain and I told him to join us, and he did. I thought the movie was boring, I really didn't like it. We left immediately after the movie and headed back to Khobar where we arrived at around 2 am.
I enjoyed the trip, it was really cool.
My next Road Trip should be to Dubai from Khobar. I hope I get to do that sometime soon.


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